Choose a Lucky Wedding Date

Fortune telling 求籤 (Photo credit: Joybot)

Selecting a wedding date was one of the most complicated aspects of planning my wedding. I wanted to stay ahead of the spendy wedding season, yet I longed for an outdoor wedding. In Washington, early fall would have made more sense, but I didn’t want to wait another six months. I enlisted the help of the trusty Farmer’s Almanac to predict the weather, then I began the arduous task of finding a location that was available for my preferred dates. Finally, the stars aligned, and we settled on the third Saturday in April. 

According to Chinese numerology, which is used by many Chinese couples to determine the best dates and times for the ceremony, we fortuitously chose a supremely lucky wedding date based on our Four Pillars of Destiny.

Jamie’s personal number for the day was a one, which the Chinese believe is a perfect time for embarking on a new adventure. I was blessed to have a number six, which made this the perfect day for spending time with family.

Our wedding brought together family and friends, who live thousands of miles away and hadn’t seen each other for years. It also allowed my Granny, at the age of  63, to meet her long-lost brother and niece for the very first time.

To pinpoint your perfect date, check out my article on Lucky Weekend Wedding Dates in 2014 and 2015.

If you want to learn more about how to choose a lucky wedding date according to Chinese numerology, is a great starting point.


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