Rehearsing the Wedding Kiss

Do you know how your partner plans to kiss when the officiant announces, “You may kiss the bride!”?

The wedding kiss that I remember happened right after we walked back down the aisle.

After nine years as a couple, Jamie and I didn’t practice The Kiss, so I was genuinely surprised when he swept me into a romantic dip. However, the kiss I vividly remember happened right after we walked back down the aisle. Surrounded by the wedding party, Jamie scooped me up in a bear hug, spun me around and gave me the most joyous kiss of my life.

When I asked Jamie what he remembers thinking during our wedding kiss, he instantly replied, “All these people are looking at me!” Nervousness can lead to awkwardness, which can kill the magic of the moment. One bride reports being furious about the swift, simple peck on the cheek that she received from her newly pronounced husband. However, not every bride will appreciate an unexpected dip, so it’s best if you talk about it first.

You don’t want to take away the spontaneity, but you may want to address a few logistical issues to avoid an awkward wedding kiss. At-home practice kiss sessions are heaps of fun plus great for your relationship! Another opportune time to practice is during your engagement photos. This will give you an idea of how the kiss will look on camera. For instance, if your partner usually cups your face, then you will likely disappear in the pictures. You can also spend a few minutes with your wedding photographer to work out the perfect pose.

If nothing else, practice the kiss during the wedding rehearsal. This will give you some experience with how it feels to kiss in front of other people, and you may even be able to elicit a little feedback from your trusted maid of honor. This is also a great time for the groom to get some practice with lifting the veil.


Share your wedding tips and traditions!

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