The Power of Wedding Vows

Your wedding ring is a constant reminder of the vows you pledged to uphold. (Photo credit: bilericoproject)

As you consider your wedding vows, it is important to remember their true purpose: a heartfelt commitment to be a partner through the ups and downs of life.

In the Christian tradition, the vows create a spiritually binding covenant before God and man. In the Bahá’í faith, marriage is a spiritual bond that endures beyond this life while Hinduism views marriage as a religious obligation.

“The most commonly used wedding vows began with the Book of Common Prayer, published in 1549 and used by the Anglican Church. The original vows included the words love, cherish and obey for the woman and love and cherish for the man,” explains the Marriage Investor in an eight-part series on the Meaning of Wedding Vows.

Phrases like “for richer or poorer” or “in sickness and health” are not hollow words of tradition but rather powerful pledges that spiritually bind you to another person. As a writer, I naturally felt compelled to transform my feelings into words. Most officiants allow you to add and remove passages from  traditional wedding vows so that your promises reflect your unique personalities, moral beliefs and sincere intentions.

You can find inspiration from this diverse compilation of cultural, intercultural and interfaith wedding vows, which includes a Cherokee prayer, an Eskimo love song and an Irish blessing.

For inspiration on writing your wedding vows or a speech for the reception, browse the Love Quotes | Wedding Vows board on Traditions Wedding Blog’s Pinterest page.



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