Brave is a Must-See for Any Bride-to-Be

Disney-Pixar’s Brave

Any modern bride is likely to identify with Disney Pixar’s newest heroine, Merida, as she dares to defy the age-old wedding customs of her heritage. The story is certainly one that resonates with cultures throughout the world. The 3D animated film Brave broke the coveted $200 million mark in the U.S., and within 10 days of its later Aug. 3 release in Scotland and Ireland, the historical feature netted a whopping $3.5 million.

Breaking away from tradition, Disney Pixar opted to hire a Scotland-born cast to provide authentic voice talent. Set in the majestic Highlands, this epic adventure truly captures the enchanting Scottish culture, from kilt-clad suitors competing in the traditional Highland games to the boisterous pipers who lead the wedding processionals and jumping jigs.

Planning a Highland Fairy Tale Wedding

If you are planning a Scottish-inspired wedding, the Grand March is one of the most anticipated dances of the evening since it kicks off the festivities. A lively Ceilidh band that includes an experienced caller guides guests through the giddy whirling and endless partner changes. You may also want to consult The Scottish Ceilidh Collection, a four-volume anthology of Scottish dances and sheet music.

To learn more about your Scottish roots, consider jetting away to Scotland for your honeymoon. The enchanting ancient castles, the spectacular sunsets over the breathtaking vistas and the charismatic company offered by the locals provide the perfect ambience for celebrating love.


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