Wedding Attire Bursts with Color

Wearing purple heels was a way to add a pop of color to my wedding attire.

Although the white wedding dress is by far the most popular shade to sashay down the aisle, many modern brides are injecting their vibrant personalities into the ceremony by choosing colorful gowns.

People magazine recently gave us a peep into the gorgeous cotton candy pink Giambattista Valli gown Jessica Biel wore when she wed Justin Timberlake while Amber Tamblyn lept from a red canoe, barefoot, wearing a hippie-inspired sunflower yellow dress.

Soft pastels, such as ivory and blush, have long been favored by brides who are marrying for the second time, but dress designers – from Chanel to Dior to Vera Wang – seem to be inspired by ruby reds, emerald greens, bold blues and luscious lavenders lately. When I began scouring the shops for a wedding dress, I was drawn toward those that offered a bit of color. Yet somehow my requests never made it into the design of my handmade gown.

In a fit of rebellion, I purchased a pair of strappy purple high heels that I didn’t unveil until my wedding day. The look of horror on my momma’s face as I declined the shimmering Cinderella slippers in favor of my plum pumps was priceless. As I pointed out, with a smile I couldn’t contain, no one but me would know what was under my dress. The small show of defiance felt grounding amid the extravagant event — and I loved those purple shoes!

If you are looking for a inspiration on how to incorporate color into your wedding dress, check out my latest article at on Colorful Wedding Gowns.”


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