Preserve Your Wedding Vows

Since you have spent hours agonizing over just the right words to say to your spouse on your wedding day, give some thought to how you can honor these sacred promises. Whether you opt to recite cultural wedding vows or write your own, from canvas art to unity candles to wedding albums, here are 10 exceptional ways to immortalize that special moment in time.

  1. For her 2010 wedding, Kay Jay printed her Christian Covenant Wedding Vows on a traditional scroll, which was carried by two covenant bearers. After the wedding, she framed the vows as a daily reminder of the promises made that day.
  2. You can also stitch or print your wedding vows on the ring bearer pillow.
  3. Using Waterslide Decal Paper and my inkjet printer, I was able to reproduce our wedding vows on our unity candle. We celebrate each anniversary by relighting the large pillar candle. 
  4. The latest trend is to print your marriage vows on a canvas. Many couples also choose to add an engagement, wedding or honeymoon photo. For a cheaper, DIY version, print your vows on cardstock and frame.

    Display your vows on an exquisite canvas frame.

  5. Laser etch your pledges onto a piece of glass or a mirror.
  6. To symbolize your unbreakable vow, carve your words in stone.
  7. This sweet idea from Martha Stewart combines Calligraphy and Cakes for a unique way to share your marriage vows with guests.
  8. Turn two handmade, acid-free journals into his and her vow books. Before the ceremony, write your promises down. If you need a cheat sheet, a beautiful notebook won’t look out of place. On each anniversary, make a new promise that focuses on an aspect of your growing relationship.
  9. If you don’t want to take engagement photos, display your vows in a matted frame for all your guests to sign.
  10. A vow-embossed Christmas ornament is the perfect way to commemorate a winter wedding.

Vow Keepsakes


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