Winter Wedding Trend on the Rise

© Haveseen |

© Haveseen |

There is something incredibly romantic about a winter wedding. I love how the pristine blanket of snow provides the perfect blank canvas to craft a masterpiece. This winter, brides are enchanted with a variety of trends, from flowing gowns with lace gloves and long veils to ornate jewelry and simple sweets.

Brides in the United Kingdom are embracing the winter wedding. Last January, retail giant Debenhams reported an 89 percent annual increase in the number of brides who created a bridal registry for the cooler months, despite the unpredictable weather and multitude of parties already taking place. With 1,110 registered brides between Christmas and New Year alone, the two-week period now rivals the number of weddings taking place in July.

“Notable festive holiday dates, such as Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, are becoming as sought-after for weddings as any Saturday in June,” explains Debenhams’ spokesperson Michelle Dowdall in a press release. “It’s a great choice for brides who are looking to save money as many venues charge discounted rates in a season they consider to be off-peak.”

The enormous discount cannot be overlooked. You are more likely to secure your desired wedding date, save significantly on deposits and have your choice of décor from the party rental company. If you choose a church that is already fully decorated for the holidays, then you can slash your flower budget in half, leaving room for those overpriced, hard-to-find winter flowers.

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