Vintage Wedding Bouquets

Nosegay Bridal Bouquet

The classic nosegay is a delicate Victorian era bouquet. Photo credit: Flower Factor

Whether you are planning a sophisticated wedding or a laid-back ceremony, romantic vintage bridal bouquets will fit right in with any decor or style of dress.

Best of all, most vintage blossoms are budget friendly! Opt for classic, timeless flowers, such as dahlias, delphiniums, heirloom roses, sunflowers, carnations or peonies over modern, exotic flowers, such as Bird of Paradise,  multihued calla lilies and oversized hybrid roses. Victorian arrangements were created with the symbolic meaning of the flowers in mind, usually incorporating blossoms that represent good luck, fertility and prosperity.

Vintage bouquets were often accented with a variety of materials, so don’t shy away from adding feathers,  jeweled brooches, dangling beads or twisty branches. If you choose to wrap the stems, match the lace or ribbons used in your wedding dress.


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