Buying the Perfect Jordan Almonds

After recently discovering the enchanting history behind giving wedding guests Jordan almonds as a thank you gift, I was surprised to stumble across an article describing the traditional treats as an unoriginal favor “forced upon wedding guests for decades.” Despite topping the article’s list of Worst Wedding Favor to Give Your Guests, I think the sentiment behind these sugar-coated, bitter almonds is timeless and transcends any type of wedding you decide to host.

When presented in clusters of five, Jordan almonds represent happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity. The union of the contrasting sweet and sour is also symbolic of the journey a couple travels during their marriage.

Organza bags with five Jordan almonds

Jordan almond wedding favors available from TheRusticStick on

In addition to the wedding, you can offer your bridal shower guests a bag of Jordan almonds. Let your unmarried female guests know that if she sleeps with the almonds under her pillow that night, she will dream about her future husband.

Although white Jordan almonds are traditionally served at weddings, the vast variety of colors available allow you to match your color scheme. Just be aware that traditionally green is used for engagement parties and silver is served at 25th anniversary celebrations. At,  the standard minimum order for personalized shades is 150 pounds. The number of candied almonds you receive depends on the quality. Extra Fine and Fine, which have more sugar and a smaller nut, have 100 to 110 per pound. The higher-quality Super Fine grade has a thinner veneer and offers 125 Jordan almonds per pound.

Candymakers now also offer Jordan almonds in a variety of shapes, textures and metallic finishes. You can even customize the flavor of the almond, adding dark chocolate, rosolio, mocha, marzipan and cinnamon butter.

Since Jordan almonds are actually a fruit, you should purchase them no sooner than 30 days before your wedding to ensure freshness. They should be stored short-term in the refrigerator or long-term in the freezer.

Get inspired by modern brides who are coming up with creative ways to package and present this classic wedding favor on the Traditions Wedding Blog Pinterest board on Jordan Almonds Wedding Favors.

Jordan Almonds


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