Same Sex Couples Forge New Traditions From Old

In my most recent Wedding Traditions articles on, I explore how same sex couples are incorporating and adapting many of the age-old wedding traditions that take place during heterosexual marriage ceremonies and receptions.

Two Jewish females marrying.

© Scott Griessel |

Whether you are planning a same sex wedding or joyously attending one, “you’re looking at a lot of questions and very few established traditions,” notes Steven Petrow in a 2011 article for

Yet, most gay marriage ceremonies proceed like any other, with the partners walking down the aisle, exchanging vows and rings, cutting a cake and, of course, celebrating with cherished friends and family. How those rituals play out, however, often look different from the advice given in conventional etiquette books.

Many long-standing commitment ceremony customs that already exist in the GLBT community are also often represented in same sex marriage rituals and receptions.

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