Culturally Sensitive Wedding Gifts

Receiving an invitation to a cultural wedding can be quite intimidating when you do not know the rituals or understand the social customs for gift giving.

In America, traditional wedding etiquette often dances around the issue of  money, instructing brides to quietly spread the word through family members and the wedding party. Yet, most modern couples prefer cash wedding gifts to help them put a down payment on a house, build their savings account or finance their dream honeymoon. And guests want to contribute toward the newlywed couple’s life goals. It just seems there is no tactful way to ask for or give the gift of money.

Recently, wedding websites have sprung up all over the Internet enabling couples to create cash wedding gift registries. On websites such as, guests can make contributions toward preset goals or can fund certain experiences, including theater tickets, couple’s massages or airplane tickets for the honeymoon.

Cash gifts are presented at Chinese weddings in a red envelope with the embossed symbols for "double happiness."  © Yong Ni |

Cash gifts are presented at Chinese weddings in a red envelope with the embossed symbols for “double happiness.” © Yong Ni |

Before deciding on an amount of money to give, it is important that you consider any cultural beliefs about presenting money to a newlywed couple. In many ethnic communities, a cash gift is not only preferred but expected.

Although most newlyweds prefer receiving money or items from their wedding registries, which they have invested a tremendous amount of time in building, some guests want to give a more personal gift that celebrates the spiritual meaning of the day. Marriage Gifts for Jewish, Christian and Muslim Couples points you toward some exceptionally beautiful yet practical presents you will be proud to give and the couple will cherish throughout the years of their marriage.


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