All Eyes on the Bridal Shoes

Obsessing over the perfect wedding shoe is not just for American brides. Throughout the world, from China to Sweden and India to England, bridal shoes have secured a starring role in the marriage ceremony. Rituals range from tucking a lucky coin inside as brides walk down the aisle to bridesmaids kidnapping the groom’s shoes and demanding a ransom.

Zapatos de novias (bridal shoes) from Guadalajara.  © Guillermo Flores |

Zapatos de novias (bridal shoes) from Guadalajara.
© Guillermo Flores |

Newlywed couples, the wedding party and guests also participate in bridal shoe reception rituals, including drinking a champagne toast from the heel and collecting cash for the honeymoon fund. These cultural wedding shoe traditions have developed as a way to wish the couple good luck in their marriage and to help them start off on the right foot.

All this attention shining down upon what the bride puts on her feet means dozens of hours are invested in finding or designing an impeccable pair of wedding shoes. Whether you are seeking a sexy stiletto, a sparkling kitten heel or a sleek pair of ballet flats, from the contour to the color to the comfort, every aspect of the shoe must be flawless.

Even if a six-inch, crystal-encrusted, red-soled heel designed by Christian Louboutin is beyond your budget, you still want a dazzling yet sophisticated shoe to enhance your dream dress. As the diva Bette Midler once said, “Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world!”


Share your wedding tips and traditions!

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