An Elegant Boutonniere for the Groom

From classic to bold, the wedding boutonniere is an ancient symbol of chivalry. Traditionally, any man participating in the wedding ceremony, including the groomsmen, ushers and ringbearer, wears a boutonniere to show their affection for the bride. Fathers and grandfathers are usually presented with a token flower to symbolize the important roles they have played in the lives of the bride and groom.

Although the groom’s boutonniere incorporates the same flowers, the arrangement can be slightly larger or use blooms in different colors.

With a six-century tradition to draw upon, grooms have a variety of boutonniere options to choose from on their wedding day. © Allegro Photography

With a six-century tradition to draw upon, grooms have a variety of boutonniere options to choose from on their wedding day. © Allegro Photography

When planning the groom’s boutonniere, opt for a small, lightweight flower that has a strong stem. Hardy flowers that will stand up to the demand of the day include tulips, mini calla lilies and carnations. Roses, the most requested flower, should have tight petal clusters so that the bloom does not wilt and fall apart during the event.

Boutonniere etiquette dictates that you should not attach the flower arrangement to the lapel with a pin. Instead, it should be inserted into the suit jacket’s buttonhole. A small vase can also keep the boutonniere securely attached and provide fresh flowers with water. These charming metal cones are available in a variety of designs, including filigree silver or latticework.

Although you might fall in love with the look of a natural stem, especially if it fits in with your style of wedding or you are creating the boutonniere yourself, a professional florist can reinforce the stem with wire and floral tape to keep the arrangement from drooping and to stop the stem from staining the jacket. To increase the longevity, the flower should be hydrated then sprayed with a sealant.

The boutonnieres should be kept cool as long as possible, so plan to put them on just before the ceremony begins. If the pictures are being taken hours before, have the groom and his attendants put them back in a cooler as quickly as possible.

Traditionally, the groom is responsible for paying for all the wedding flowers but many brides present their husbands-to-be with the boutonniere as a wedding present that uniquely represents his personality. To play it safe, order an extra boutonniere or two just in case one breaks or you accidentally overlook someone who should be wearing one. At an affordable $6 to $10 each, it is definitely worth the investment.

For inspiration, browse through the Boutonniere Collection on the Traditions Wedding Blog’s Pinterest page.



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