Wedding Inspiration Boards Now on Pinterest

Traditions Wedding Blog has launched a new Pinterest page to inspire and guide you in designing an exceptional wedding that celebrates your heritage. Many of the boards are created to support the articles that appear on the blog, including “An Elegant Boutonniere for the Groom, “Preserve Your Wedding Vows” and “Buying the Perfect Almond Jordans.”


In “The Power of Wedding Vows” board, you will discover a beautiful assortment of love quotes and marriage sayings that you can use for inspiration in writing invitations, vows and toasts. Many of these pins will also keep brides grounded in the true meaning of marriage as they stress over planning the perfect wedding.

Links for the specific boards are available at the bottom of each article. To browse the board, simply click on the thumbnail or log on to If you come across something you like, let me know!

Based on the drastic shift in page views on the Wedding Traditions channel, it seems the majority of brides are elbow-deep in planning the details of their weddings. Guests who are attending a wedding this summer are also searching for unique gifts and toasts to bless the newlyweds’ marriage. Here are five of the most recent top articles to help you finalize some of those pressing decisions:

  • Money Dance Songs: Popular money dance songs you should avoid and some great song suggestions to make this enchanting wedding tradition a success.
  • The Kissing Games: Fun games guests play to encourage the bride and groom to smooch during the wedding reception.
  • Sky Lantern Wedding Wishes: Quotes and poems that beautifully represent the meaning of a sky lantern wedding ceremony.
  • Christian Covenant Wedding Vows: Engaged couples return to the roots of Christianity in order to strengthen their commitment to each other and to God.
  • Cultural Wedding Blessings: Serve up a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds.

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