Charm Your Bridesmaids

Although the wedding cake is often referred to as the bridal cake by modern vendors, once upon a time, there were three desserts offered at the reception — one to represent the bride, one to symbolize the groom and one to signify their new union.

In addition to the groom’s cake, a separate bridal cake is still a celebrated tradition during Southern U.S. weddings. The sweet confection, which can be served at the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, is adorned with wish ribbons for the female attendants. Attached to each cake pull is a silver charm that foretells the future of the recipient or grants them luck in love, prosperity or a fortunate life.

The wedding cake pull  is a charming bridesmaid tradition in many parts of the world. © Brian Herbst | Flickr

The wedding cake pull is a charming bridesmaid tradition in many parts of the world. © Brian Herbst | Flickr

On, “A Charmed Cake” explores the enchanting history and modern customs of the cake pull, which is especially popular in French-influenced Louisiana, Germany and Peru. Charms are available from wedding vendors in a variety of styles and to accommodate any size gathering. To find the perfect fortunes for your friends and family, browse a comprehensive list of traditional and trendy pulls in “Cake Charm Meanings.”

I found an extensive selection of charms on Etsy as well as from independent wedding vendors online, many of which you can find by clicking on the Pinterest thumbnail below. Some merchants are even able to create custom-designed charms that make wonderful personalized gifts for your bridesmaids, especially when given with a bracelet or pendant.

Cake Pulls


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