A Personalized Broom Jumping Ceremony

Largely associated with African American weddings, the broom jumping unity ceremony is an ancient tradition in many cultures throughout the world. The metaphor of the broom is particularly fitting for marriage as it symbolizes the sweeping away of an old life to start something new. 

The binding ceremony, which is usually the final seal on the marriage, allows newlyweds to jump into their future life together, hand-in-hand, ready to face the world as partners.

Although few ceremonial readings are available to honor the importance of this moment, I have pulled together a compilation of quotes, poems and proverbs  that captures the metaphorical meaning of the broom jumping ritual.

Jumping the broom is an ancient wedding ritual celebrated around the world.  © Shelly Gray | Flickr

Jumping the broom is an ancient wedding ritual celebrated around the world. © Shelly Gray | Flickr

Fully decorated brooms are available from wedding supply stores, but making your own is much more fun and personal, and it’s so easy, too! Simply buy a new broom — to avoid saddling the marriage with any past negative energies — and decorate it with flowers, ribbons and tulle that match your wedding colors. Add a trinket that is meaningful to you as a couple, such as seashell from a romantic stroll on the beach or a wedding kissing bell.

You can also add a cultural good luck wedding charm, such as a Celtic horseshoe, Christian marriage cross or Ukrainian pysanky egg.

If you want to get your guests to participate, have them write their well wishes on a slip of ribbon-strung paper then attach them to the broom.

After the ceremony, hang the broom, upside down, above the entry door of your home. It will not only serve as a beautiful wedding keepsake to remind you each day of the vows you have pledged, but it is also prophesied that the broom protects the home from any evil spirits who try to enter. In Feng Shui, two brooms stacked in the Relationship Corner rejuvenates a relationship by sweeping away negative energy.

“Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face, and then reach for the stars.”
– Ben Stein


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