2014 Wedding Trend: Cultural Traditions

Trends come and go, but the one thing that seems to remain consistent is that weddings are steeped in traditions. While this year’s hot new color, Radiant Orchid, might be played out in a couple of seasons, many of the top 2014 wedding trends have a nostalgic foundation. From heirloom rings to floral bridal crowns to intricate Victorian lace, modern couples are coming up with creative ways to update old customs.

Heirloom engagement ring

Cost effective and sentimental, heirloom and antique engagement and wedding rings are attracting a tremendous amount of attention right now.

Regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds, couples are also finding meaning in many of the unity ceremony traditions observed by other cultures. While the candle lighting and sand rituals remain popular, more couples are incorporating handfasting, wedding broom, sky lanterntree planting and love lock ceremonies into their celebrations.

Be sure to check out the About.com Wedding Traditions channel for inspirational ideas on blending these customs into your big day. I have also compiled listings of readings and quotes for each of these ceremonies — and more — to help you add that personal touch you are seeking.

Finally, another rising cultural  trend we are witnessing this year is the increase in same sex weddings due to the monumental milestones that have been achieved in the past year to legalize and recognize gay marriage. As a result, GLBT wedding planning resources and vendors are multiplying, carving out a niche industry to serve an enthusiastic segment of our society who are eager to publicly declare their love for their partners.


Share your wedding tips and traditions!

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